MECCA Trails

Mercer, WI Trail System
Anvil Lake Trail

(Photo Courtesy of MECCA Ski Club)

12.5 Miles of Trail

Supported by Donations

Pets Allowed on a Leash

Mountain Biking


Cross Country Skiing


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The MECCA Trails are a series of trails located near Mercer, Wisconsin. These trails are maintained and groomed by the MECCA Ski Club, a non-profit organization funded by memberships, donations and volunteers.

The terrain surrounding the Mercer area was created by glaciers thousands of years ago and makes for an excellent variety of terrain for cross country skiing.  The forests of the MECCA ski trails have stands of both evergreen and hardwoods.  The trails offer beautiful views at the Little Turtle Wildlife Area.

The MECCA trails are best known for their excellent cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The trail system is comprised of 21km (12.5mi) of beautiful trails that are groomed with both a classic ski track and a skate ski lane. Snowshoers are welcome as well and have 3km of additional trail for their use besides the ski trails.

You can reach the MECCA trails at one of two trailheads. The first is located at 4686N Fierick Rd and features a wood stove heated chalet with changing rooms and a wax bench. The second trailhead is located off Joe's Shack Road near the Turtle Flowage. This is the preferred trailhead for using the trails in the other seasons for hiking and mountain biking.

These trails are provided free of charge, but please consider supporting their upkeep by donating at one of the trailheads or becoming a member through their website. To learn more about the MECCA trail network please use the helpful references below!

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