Wren Falls

Northern Wisconsin Waterfalls
Wren Falls Top of Wren Falls

Space for Backcountry Campsite

12' High Drop

On North Country Trail

Pit Toilet

Pets Allowed

Free to Camp up to Two Weeks

Wren Falls is a lesser known drop located in between Gurney & Upson, WI. Both of these towns are located to the west of the Hurley/Ironwood area by about 20 miles. The hike to this falls can be accessed by either Highway 77 through Upson or Highway 169 through Gurney.

Wren Falls gets slightly overshadowed by its bigger cousins to the west, Copper Falls State Park and Potato River Falls. However this beautiful drop is not one to miss if you are visiting the area. The Tyler Forks River, a tributary of the Bad River, drops approximately 12 feet at this point. The surrounding gorge is made of impressive rock formations and steep edges. The view from the overlook is very dramatic, making the falls appear larger than they actually are.

Finding the falls is a bit of a challenge. You will want to drive to the intersection of Vogues Road & Casey Sag Road from either one of the highways mentioned previously. If you decide to park here, it is approximately 1.5 miles down Wren Falls Road heading south to reach the falls. It is possible to drive down this road as well if you have a high clearance vehicle, however be aware that it is a relatively narrow road and meeting traffic from the other direction could pose a problem.

Wren Falls is located along the North Country Trail and the NCT crosses the Tyler Forks River at the newly constructed Bill Thomas Bridge. There is a commemoration plaque next to the bridge remembering his help with the Heritage Chapter-NCTA. There are also a couple of spots that are available for backcountry camping. The first is a large circular clearing on the cliff above Wren Falls. There is a pit toilet nearby as well. The second camping spot is a few hundred yards down from the bridge on the west side of the river. Both are very rustic and only available for tent camping.

Make sure you stop and visit Wren Falls if you are in the Hurley/Ironwood or Ashland areas.  Please use the following resources to plan your next visit.

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