Superior Falls

Northern Wisconsin Waterfalls
Superior Falls

Camping nearby at Saxon Harbor

110' Total Drop

Picnic Area nearby at Saxon Harbor

Pets Allowed

Located on Lake Superior

Superior Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Wisconsin with an impressive total drop distance of 110 feet across several levels. This waterfall is must-see if you are visiting anywhere near Saxon, Wisconsin. It also has the added benefit of being located next to a parking area, so it is easily accessible to all nature lovers.

The Montreal River forms the boundary between upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin. It is a gorgeous river along most of its sections with huge gorges and excellent whitewater in the spring. However it forms its most impressive segment as it flows out into Lake Superior. Superior Falls receives its name because of the close proximity this massive waterfall has to the nearby lake.

The main viewing area for Superior Falls is just to the left as you are pulling into the parking lot. This is where most people stop, however there is also a steep decline that you can hike down to reach Lake Superior from this same parking area. You then can backtrack along the river as far as it will allow and in low water reach an excellent viewing point below the lookout above. This different perspective allows you to appreciate the tremendous size of the gorge that you now are standing in. It also makes the waterfall look much more impressive.

A side benefit to visiting Superior Falls is that you are located right on a beautiful section of Lake Superior. You can stroll along the shore where the Montreal River flows out to the lake and find some excellent skipping stones. A short distance from Superior Falls is Saxon Harbor which features a beautiful park and great camping through the summer months.

Don't forget to visit Superior Falls if you are in the Hurley/Ironwood or Ashland areas.  Please use the following resources to plan your next visit.

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