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Montreal Ski Trails

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The Montreal Ski Trails are a lesser-known series of small trail sections located in the towns of Montreal and Pence, WI. Located just 3 miles west of Hurley, WI along highway 77, this trail network offers a unique history to enjoy while skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or biking.

When you visit the Montreal Ski Trails, you will be traveling through remnants of the old Montreal Mine. Over 5000 feet deep, the mine produced high-grade iron ore from 1900 - 1962. There are a series of interpretive signs that highlight a few of the mining era artifacts that remain along the trail. There are also some older buildings that provide a glimpse at life in the early 20th century. 

Being located in the snow belt below Lake Superior, the trail system receives hundreds of inches of lake effect snow annually. These trails are groomed for classic skiing only. There is also room alongside the track to snowshoe or hike, but please take care not to disturb the track for skiers.

In the summer these trails offer beautiful hiking and mountain biking opportunities through rolling, moderate terrain. The land that these trails are located on is private, so please take care to pick up after your animals and respect the landowners.

These trails are provided free of charge, but please consider supporting their upkeep by donating through their website. To learn more about the Montreal Ski Trails please use the helpful references below!

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